Les Recettes de Juliette

A FULL RANGE OF COMPLEMENTS TO FOIE GRAS AND PATE. The Recettes de Juliette (Juliette’s recipe) offers a wide choice of accompaniments to foie gras, lucullus or patés that will please even the most discerning consumer. Our Confits were developed to off set the opulence of Foie Gras and the Veritable Lucullus de Valenciennes with Fig and Onion Confits now established best sellers in France. We offer a full range of 20 recipes all the way from locally sourced beetroot and endives to fruit based confits such as Black Cherry. In addition for something really different Lucullus is now offering a selection of Pain Epice . a spicy French bread ideal as a toast with Lucullus or patés – our 16 slice 250g pack is the most generous in the market. A unique range of Pearls – Fig, Balsamic Vinegar and Sauternes – have been developed to complement our ranges of classic Guerande Salt so offering the fullest range to make those special occasions really special and delviering a real Gourmet experience.