Accompaniments for Cheese

Based on our experience with Confits for Foie Gras we have also developed a range of Confits to complement cheese . We offer 40g glass pots and a 100g glass pots .
While English Chutneys are vinegar based and sharper on the palete our Confits are a melange of fuit and sugar with an added twist of wine, vinegar, spices or herbs.
We took our inspiration from French traditions. . For example :
In the Pyrenees sheperds traditionally added black cherry jam to complement their sheep cheese (Ossau Iraty) and since its creation by monks Munster has been eaten with a touch of cumin.
Much less sweet than jams and less sour than vinegar based chutneys Confits really elevates the enjoyment of Cheese and will delight gourmets on special occasions and make an everyday snack special .

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