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Saveurs en Or

Saveurs en Or

Since the launch in 2004 of the prestigious regional quality mark 'Flavour of the North” Lucullus has been proud to have this endorsement of the provenance and quality of our products.

We believe very much in working together with other local producers to create a wider awareness of the distinct and wonderful ranges of food products produced in the North of France.

We believe that through the promotion of the great range of food available in the North of France that we can help develop the economy of the region , help keep supply chains as short as possible and help also  in local job creation.

We believe that as a federation of local small companies working together we can share our savoir–faire , protect the historic provenance and traditions of the region and defend our values and maintain the high quality of food production of the the small producers in the region.

Saveur en’Or is built on a shared commitment to respect and maintain agreed rules on quality, hygiene, provenance and good business practice.In addition Each product that carries the Saveur en ‘Or is audited to ensure that local ingredients are used , whenever available, that traceability and quality audits are in place and in addition that the product has been approved by a panel of local consumers as meeting or surpassing  their expectations. 



Lucullus is assisted by Adrianor’s technical support in information and technical monitoring, staff training ,process and production development



This centre of Excellence is an association whose purpose is to create a collective dynamic in the service of food companies in the Nord-pas-de-calais region.
The mission of the Centre is to bring together the political, university , consular and industrial world in a spirit 
partnership to build on the success of the food producers of the region



Fédération des entreprises et entrepreneur de France


Created in 1995, the National Federation of Small companies and Entrepreneurs in France
 brings together over 600 independent enterprises to collaborate together at a national level in France with both a political and commercial voice.
In 2013 Lucullus was awarded the Gres D’Or prize as small company exporter of the year – an award of which we are very proud


La confrérie de la LucullusLa confrérie de la Lucullus


"Defend and promote this noble  local product 

The grand master: 
Claude Vanbessien
Great chamberlins: 
Thierry Beine, Brigitte Noeli
Treasurer :
Francois Collot



CONSUMERS: Our Products are available in most good  supermarkets in the North of france and from their internet or click and collect sites or on line from the following specialist companies who sell and deliver our products everywhere in France  and many deliver abroad also :       


Recommandé par les grandes marques & maison de champagne