This gastronomic speciality from the Hainaut is made of fine slices of smoked beef tongue and duck foie gras. With an unmistakable appearance, this product has a fine and subtle flavour and is served on toast or bread as an aperitif or a starter. Serve with a little onion or fig chutney to titillate your tastebuds.

Available in different sizes for your festive table:

1 kilo 500 g 250 g 40 g
15-20 people 8-10 people 4-6 people single portion

Also: Duck Lucullus, made from 100% duck meat (fine slices of smoked duck meat and duck foie gras).

Speciality foie gras

With its extensive expertise in foie gras products, Lucullus has used its know-how to create:
          - Single portions of foie-gras as a semi-conserve
          - Block of duck foie gras with whole pieces
          - Terrine of whole foie gras

Chutneys to serve with foie gras

Created to be served with foie gras and Lucullus, we have been selling these products since 2003 and have also developed a large range of products to accompany your dishes with a personal, visual and flavourful touch: fig chutney, onion and raspberry chutney, redcurrant chutney, endive chutney, etc.

Available sizes: 40g, 100g, 220g                    


Chutneys for cheeses

The range of delicatessen chutneys for cheeses is made from fruit using traditional recipes, combined with subtle ingredients such as Szechuan pepper or Espelette pepper.

We have developed different chutneys specially adapted to different types of cheeses:

- Fig with thyme for soft goat's cheeses
- Muscat grape & cumin for Munster and Epoisses
- Black cherry with Szechuan pepper for ewe's milk and Pyrenees cheeses
- Apple-pear with Espelette pepper for Comtés and Roqueforts

Les Délices du Fromager:

They are available in 90g and 30g jars and in a 4x30g pack.

We also have a fresh range in plastic pots:

Les Saveurs de Mamie:

And our LUCULLUS FRANCE export range:

Cherry and Port 100g Sauternes 100g Saint Emilion 100g


A blend of our expertise in ready-to-eat delicatessen products and our know-how in chutneys and accompaniments has created a range of starters for 2, available from the cold section. Made with foie gras and salmon, these starters are ready to serve immediately.

We have also developed a pack of 4 chutneys to serve throughout a meal. Each recipe goes perfectly with a course:
fig with foie gras, onion and samphire with salmon, redcurrant with meat and black cherry with cheese.

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